Owners Philosophy

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I was raised to do my best at any task I was put to complete and Hingewerks is an example of what doing your best everyday will allow you to achieve. I hope that while reading these words you can truly understand my passion for living, for raising my family, and for achieving my goals on a daily basis throughout my travels and my experiences with my customers. I will make few promises, but I guarantee you one thing: I will go to bed thinking of your project and I will wake up ready to overcome any challenge we may occur. I will not be denied the peace that comes with satisfying my goals, while continuing to provide the best results of any door business in our industry.

It is much easier to provide on time completions when having the full support of Manufacturers and Suppliers on any given day. I pride myself on paying vendors prior to or at negotiated terms, and my vendors reciprocate this philosophy by providing referrals and expedited lead times on a regular basis. This is an important aspect to consider when choosing a door source for your project, as I know from previous experiences how poor payment history will handicap a company throughout a construction project or even an emergency repair when materials are needed in a timely fashion.

        Dan Wray